BCDA Signs MoA with Earth Day Network and Fern and Nature Society

The BCDA signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the Earth Day Network Philippines, Inc. (EDNPI) and Fern and Nature Society of the Philippines, Inc. (FNSPI) for the joint pursuit of green projects that include the effective management of the forest reservation of ‪Clark Green City that will serve as a potential watershed; and, the establishment of botanic gardens, ecotourism park and green spaces in the new metropolis.

The partnership was sealed by BCDA Chairperson Aurora Boots Garcia, BCDA President and CEO Arnel Paciano Casanova, EDNPI President Isagani Serrano, FNSPI President Yok Lin “Joaquin” Gaw, and witnessed by EDNPI Board Member Carmelita Salvador and FNSPI Board Member Leticia Ligon.

Through the MOA, BCDA and its invaluable partners have a great chance of succeeding in promoting a responsible environment citizenship in Clark Green City that will impact conservation of biodiversity, lead effective solid waste management and push for climate change adaptation and mitigation.

Clark Green City will be a showcase of the right balance of nature and urban development, a sustainable development project that will build a healthy, safe community living, working and enjoying a disaster-resilient and green metropolis.

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