Judging Criteria FAQs

19 June 2015

Who will be the member of the Competition Jury?

We will release the members of the competition jury soon.

11 June 2015

What are the terms under the institutional loan of PAGIBIG?

The Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between BCDA and PAGIBIG is still being finalized. Just remember that the Construction Costs for the Developments will be loaned thru PAGIBIG by BCDA. The latest public release regarding the Memorandum of Understanding between BCDA and PAGIBIG can be found at:



While the MOA (Memorandum of Agreement) between PAGIBIG is still being finalized, may we know if the institutional loan will cover the construction costs wholly or partially? Or should we simply assume our proposed loan terms such as debt/equity ratio, interest rates, etc.

Talks are still ongoing between BCDA and PAGIBIG whether the institutional loan will cover the whole or partial construction costs of the Developments.

Should land acquisition be included in the financial computation?

No. The 25 hectares and 5 hectares are already properties of BCDA. Costs will occur in the horizontal (site) and vertical (building) developments.

Should the land improvements (i.e., roads, utilities, etc.) be included in the financial computation?

Yes land improvements like the interior access roads and related site development activities must be included in the financial computation.

Do we have to provide a financial analysis for the 5 hectare development? If yes, up to what extent?

Yes but the template will be simple and will just determine the Cost of Construction of the Development. It is similar to the Initial Financial Analysis for the Rental Housing Development.

04 June 2015

Why are we being asked to provide a Funding Plan, a 50-year Pro Forma and a Lease, Operations and Maintenance Plan?

We are asking this because we want good design but we also want a feasible design for the Developments. This is why teams are encouraged to be multi-disciplinary so that teams may avail non-design oriented members. We have given out as part of the Competition Kit the Initial Financial Analysis template. After 05 June 2015, we will also give out to Registered Participants the Detailed Financial Analysis template. Note that in the Judging Criteria, 35% of the weight comes from the financial viability: Project Financing & Feasibility of the Plan (20%); and Operational Sustainability (15%).

02 June 2015

Can we introduce new technology features in our design?

Yes. Please review the Detailed Judging Criteria.Take note that the incorporation of the technology must also be financially feasible.

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