• Construction and land development cost will be up to the participants to propose cost-effective measures
  • Minimum Floor Area must adhere to local housing codes
  • Operational for 50 years
  • Clark Green City employee housing + University housing (for the rental housing development, 25 hectares)
  • 200 Permanent Housing Units for the 200 Families that will be relocated due to the Phase 1 development (5 hectares)
  • Provide a range of housing typologies from single-detached, to townhouses, to row houses, up to 4-storey walk-ups
  • Must adhere to environmental sustainability as stated in the 7 Key Performance Indicators of Clark Green City
  • The Rental Rates Distribution (Green Chart) for the Rental Housing Development (25 hectares) must adhere to the following:

B.A.L.E. Rental Rates Distribution April 30, 2015

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