Place Branding (10%)

Are the Developments (Rental + 200 units) attractive and likely to remain so over time?

What are the available economic and social opportunities?

Is there a phasing plan? How will the Developments look like in 50 years?

Do the Developments create communities that people would want to move in to?

Are they good places to raise families?

What types of educational opportunities are provided?

Who are the people moving into these Developments? Will it be a community of satellite workers or will families relocate there?

How are the amenities targeted to the type of communities that will live in the Developments?

Do the Developments promote Universal Design, work-life balance, public health and safety; and community security?

How are the Developments (Rental Housing and 200 Units) integrated and united with the existing communities inside Clark Green City?

Is there a Positive Place Branding Strategy for the Developments? Will there be a representative logo and/or mascot for the Developments?

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