Phase 1 Development (288 hectares) adjacent to the BALE Sites

Invitation to Bid as BCDA’s Joint Venture Partner in the Development of Clark Green City

Terms of Reference

Breaking News

09 June 2015 16 Prospective Bidders Eye Clark Green City

02 June 2015 BCDA to Rebid First Lot in Clark Green City Development

24 May 2015 BCDA Wooing Rail Partners

22 May 2015 Philippines Gets P147M Funding for Climate Change Hub

16 May 2015 BCDA Offers Partnership with Pag-Ibig

15 May 2015 BCDA, Pag-Ibig to Build 2,000 Housing Units in Clark

11 May 2015 Philippines Opens Affordable Housing Design Contest

06 May 2015 BCDA Organizing Housing Design Competition for Clark Green City

Digital Print Shops in the Vicinity

1. Arkishop

2. Creative Design

3. Digital Graphic Services

4. Print Avenue

5. For Participants Overseas and Participants outside Metro Manila: You may opt to avail the services of a local and independent Personal Assistant (PA) who will manage the printing and delivery of your Submission Requirements. Email: [email protected] for queries. The PA is not affiliated with BCDA or the BALE Competition Secretariat.

Note: Neither the BALE Competition Secretariat nor BCDA endorses these print  shops and Personal Assistant (PA) services. The BALE Competition Secretariat and BCDA cannot guarantee their quality of services and prompt delivery. Some print shops have lead time requirements for printing. This is just a partial list of print shops in the vicinity and participants are free to use print shops not in the list. Participants must contact/email and arrange on their own for the print and delivery service of the Submission Requirements.

Comments from Social Media

What is B.A.L.E. for you?

“Thats it design to locally employed filipino hindi lang yung ofw na maka afford. Locally employed with minimum salary has no chance to build their own decent houses how much more those jobless remain in the squaters and shanties . Clear up rivers and temporary dwellings create decent housing for the masses and increase government areas convert to roads and green parks”

“Public housing a la HDB of Singapore!”

“i hope this doesnt turn Clark into the dagat dagatan project of ex First Lady Imelda when she was MMA Head”

“I hope that winning proposals include sections of housing that are inclusive not (only) in terms of affordability, but also in terms of accommodations for people with cognitive disabilities, or with challenges like blindness and deafness.”

Historical Context

Capas National Shrine

Adjacent to the Competition Site and adjacent to the gateway to Clark Green City is the Capas National Shrine. The Shrine commemorates the final destination of the WWII Bataan Death March.

Where did the name Clark came from?


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