Optimized CGC Master Plan (Closed)


Open Competition for the Design Optimization of the Clark Green City

The Grand Winner for the Best Design Optimized Concept Plan for Clark Green City was given to AECOM Singapore last February 2, 2015 at the Awarding Ceremony in Mind Museum. Coming at a close second place was the entry from Hong Kong based UDP International (Urban Design & Planning Consultant Limited). The other three finalist were Palafox Associates (Philippines); AWW Inspired Environments (UK); and Jan Carlos San Luis + Angelo Ray Serrano (Philippines).

The Final Panel of Judges was composed of:

  1. Atty. Arnel Casanova, BCDA President and CEO
  1. Engr. Joshua Bingcang, BCDA, Head of Clark Green City Project Management Office
  1. Ar. Andrea Dorotan, alumni of the Harvard Graduate School of Design
  1. Ar. Mary Anne Ocampo, MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning
  1. Prof. Elvira Zamora, UP Vice President for Development

The final presentation and deliberation was held in the morning of February 2 at the Board Room of the BCDA Corporate Center. Each participant was given twenty minutes to present the 12-slide pdf they previously sent as part of the entry. This was followed by a 10-minute question and answer portion from the Panel of Judges. Members of the BCDA Board, its Vice Presidents and Managers also asked questions. Also present as observers were members of the Competition Screening Committee: Julia Nebrija and Jezreel Apelar. Other observers were Ar. Christopher Espina of the UP College of Architecture and BCDA employees under the DURP

Program of UP SURP.

The order of presentations was as follows:

  1. Jan Carlo San Luis & Angelo Ray Serrano
  1. AWW Inspired Environments represented by Kara delos Reyes and Richard Francis
  1. Palafox Associates represented by Felino Palafox Jr., Karima Palafox; and Joevic Mondejar
  1. AECOM Singapore represented by Yeh-Chin Hsu, Guy Perry; and Brian Jennett
  1. UDP International represented by Sujata Govada, Widemar Spruijt; and Abelardo Tolentino

Certificates of Participation were also given to the following during the Awarding Ceremony:

  1. Ar. Levy Espinas
  1. Ar. Louwie Gan
  1. EnPraxis, Inc.
  1. Jonathan O. Gan & Associates



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