B.A.L.E. 2015 (CLOSED)


B.A.L.E. when used as a word is the Kapampangan vernacular term for house.

Eligibility (NEW 12 May 2015)

Maximum of five (5) members per team. Each team must at least have one (1) Registered Architect (from any UIA member country) as a member. Interested participants must register at the competition website in order to receive a link to the competition kit.


BCDA (Bases Conversion & Development Authority) recognizes that the development of Clark Green City will generate thousands of jobs that may translate to the need of new housing units for the employees. The Clark Green City is a 9,450-hectare development that is envisioned to be the first smart and green city in the Philippines. Positioned strategically between highly urbanizing cities in Northern Luzon, as well as an international airport and a seaport, this newest city will become the focal point of economic development in the country within the next few years. Per the Clark Green City Concept Plan, the ideal employee/population ratio is 50-80%, hence the 800,000 projected employees for the CGC at full development in 50 years. In order to address the need, BCDA plans to provide mixed-income and affordable housing units, particularly for the low and middle income individuals/families who wish to live and work in the area.


  • Design a prototype community for a diverse-income community
  • Design a community that encourages a sustainable lifestyle in line with the 7 Key Performance Indicators of Clark Green City 
  • Gather international best practices and design
  • Provide an economically feasible model for a diverse-income housing development in Clark Green City
  • Create a Positive Place Branding for the housing development

Judging Criteria

1. Place Branding (10%)

2. Responsiveness to Local & Community Needs (10%)

3. Environmental Sensitivity (15%)

4. Green & Smart Features (20%)

5. Project Financing & Feasibility (20%)

6. Operational Sustainability (15%)

7. Innovation (10%)


The Grand Winner will receive (USD) $40,000 and the winning design will be considered for implementation. Short-listed entries will each receive $3,000 to further refine the submissions for the Final Stage of the Competition.

The Competition Process

The competition will be a two-stage process.

First Stage: Open to all Registered Participants

First Stage Submissions

No live presentation

Short-listing will be done by the Screening Committee using the Judging Criteria

Final Stage: Short-listed Participants only

Second Stage Submissions: Refinements and Scale Model

With live presentation and question and answer portion by the Final Panel of Judges

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