Submission Requirements FAQs

19 June 2015

Can the deadline for the First Stage Submissions be moved to a later date?

No. The Competition Timeline is set. The BALE Competition Secretariat will not be accepting late submissions.

18 June 2015

Can I have my 30″ x 40″ boards in Portrait Orientation?

No you may not. Please abide by the rules of the SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS. Deviation from it will be cause for DISQUALIFICATION.

17 June 2015

I am an international participant, sending the competition entry by courier internationally requires a customs declaration at point of entry in the Philippines, pro-forma invoice show nil value and identifies the full content of the package, the names and addresses and full details of the senders and receivers. Will the Competition Secretariat accept my entry if it has such or will this be a violation of the “no identifying mark” rule?

If you are sending the Submission Requirements via international courier instead of personally delivering it at the BCDA Corporate Center, the EXTERNAL CONTAINER (e.g. envelope) of the Submission Package is allowed to have Identifications as required by postal law and/or courier provider. Make sure however that the Submission Requirements INSIDE must have NO identifying marks, etc.

Thus, if you are using an international courier, the EXTERNAL CONTAINER (e.g. envelope, package) is allowed to have identification as required by postal law and/or courier provider. However, the SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS A to G INSIDE the EXTERNAL CONTAINER must have NO identifying marks, logos, etc.

I am an international participant, I emailed the four Print Shops listed in the Resources page and I did not get a response. What are my other options for printing and delivery?

You may also opt to avail of an independent and local Personal Assistant (PA) (listed as number 5 in the Resources page) to manage the printing and delivery of the Submission Requirements. The PA is not affiliated with BCDA or the BALE Competition Secretariat. BCDA and the BALE Competition Secretariat cannot guarantee the quality and prompt delivery of the PA’s services. Participants must contact/email the PA on their own. Email: [email protected] for queries.

I am an international participant, can I use the European equivalent of Sintra board which is Kappa board?

Yes you may use Kappa board as an alternative to Sintra as long as it follows the Submission Requirements.

I am an international participant, can I submit in roll paper format to save on courier costs?

No we will not accept roll paper format for the 30″ x 40″ Boards. You may opt to avail of local Print and Delivery services listed in the Resources page to save on cost.

Where do we place our UNIQUE ID label for the A3 Report?

Paste your Unique ID label on the Upper Right-hand Corner of the Back Cover of the A3 Report.

If we have other facilities (i.e. school, retail strips, etc.) aside from residential, do we also include their details (plans/sections/elevations) in the boards? Or can we just indicate the non-residential components in the Site Development Plan?

You have the option not to detail the non-residential components provided that your Submission Package as a whole will convey the Mixed-Income Community that BALE is aspiring for. Also, carefully go through the Detailed Judging Criteria to ensure that your Submission Package as a whole will answer the points and issues that need to be considered.

11 June 2015

I am an international participant and it is too costly to courier the submission requirements. What are my options?

Participants both local and international may avail the digital printing services with delivery of nearby and/or local print shops. Note: Neither the BALE Competition Secretariat nor BCDA endorses these print shops. The BALE Competition Secretariat and BCDA cannot guarantee their quality of services and prompt delivery. Some print shops have lead time requirements for printing. This is just a partial list of print shops in the vicinity and participants are free to use print shops not in the list. Participants must contact/email and arrange on their own for the print and delivery service of the Submission Requirements.

1. Arkishop

2. Creative Design

3. Digital Graphic Services

4. Print Avenue

5. For Participants Overseas and Participants outside Metro Manila: You may opt to avail the services of a local and independent Personal Assistant (PA) who will manage the printing and delivery of your Submission Requirements. Email: [email protected] for queries. The PA is not affiliated with BCDA or the BALE Competition Secretariat.

What do you mean by “Training or social services to be provided to residents”?

In the Developments that you are designing, how do you ease in and create a new community? How do you orient them to the new features of the Developments? How do you ensure that they understand the sustainable lifestyle that the Developments are advocating for? How do you ensure that the 200 families will accept their new dwelling units? What kind of social services will these new Developments need?

How detailed must the “Project Cost with Area/Item Breakdown” be?

Please include Area/Item Breakdown to justify the cost of construction and cost of site development you used in the Detailed Financial Analysis Template. You may also include a short description or narrative that justifies the costs used in the Detailed Financial Analysis Template.

Please clarify: an audience in the June 5 orientation asked if there will be merit if a Funding Scheme is provided. The answer was: “No need because BCDA will provide for it”. Is a funding scheme different from a funding plan? The Submission Requirement asks for a “Funding Plan and 50-year pro-forma”.

As part of the Competition Kit, we will be providing templates for the Initial and Detailed Financial Analysis. Participants can also use their own template but they must also fill up the templates we provided. As for the narratives, participants are encouraged to summarize thru a narrative the Financial Scheme or Funding Plan for the Project.

05 June 2015

Is there a required format for the 50-page A3 Report?

It must be bounded: either ring-bind or soft-bound. Reports that are lose will be subject for DISQUALIFICATION. Font size must be at least 12, line spacing of 1.5. There must be no identifying marks, name and/or logos. The presence of Identifying Marks in the Report will automatically disqualify the Participant. Reports that are more than 50 pages will be subject for DISQUALIFICATION.

04 June 2015

Are there any required scales for the drawings?

There is no required scales for the drawings to be used in the 30″x40″ boards and the A3 Report. However, the unit of measurement must be in METRICS. Please review the First Stage Submission Requirements.

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