Responsiveness to Local & Community Needs (10%)

Do the Developments respond to the identified Community Needs?

What kind of community are the Developments aimed for?

Will visitors also be enticed to visit the Developments?

What are the strategies used so that it will become a Mixed-Income Rental Housing Development?

With a diverse population, how are all tastes catered to?

Will it accommodate a range of professionals, for example, from construction workers to engineers, from factory workers to managers, from students to professors, to live harmoniously?

How is the Sense of Place created?

How will the inhabitants of the Developments feel that they belong?

Is the local culture kept and promoted? Are new cultures allowed to mingle and blend?

Is there a uniting force in the Developments?

Do the Developments respect local and indigenous culture, materials and practices?

How do the Developments tie in with the history of the area?

How do the Developments integrate with the existing communities both inside and outside the boundaries of Clark Green City?

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