Key Performance Indicators

The master development plan for Clark Green City is anchored on seven (7) categories of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

Resource Management CircleResource Management

Clark Green City development is based on efficient resource management that is sustainable and efficient in the use of materials, water, energy, and waste; maintenance of good air quality, and preservation of native biodiversity.


Accessibility CircleAccessibility

Clark Green City provides availability of Alternative Modes of Transportation for mass mobility, transit facilities, reduced vehicle dependence through a network of bicycle lanes and storage, reduced parking footprint, and a network of pedestrian-friendly streets. The development will also adopt a Universal Barrier-Free Design to prioritize accessibility, safety, and way-finding.

Identity CircleIdentity

Clark Green City aims to create a unique and memorable sense of place by providing large public places and recreational facilities for the community, preservation of historic and cultural heritage, and enhancement of public health and safety.


Resilience CircleResilience

Clark Green City will put in place risk management measures how to assess and mitigate climate-change impact, short-term risks, and other environmental vulnerabilities through a Climate Impact Assessment Plan, Preparation for short-term hazards, and Long-Term Adaptability Plan.

Economic Vibrancy CircleEconomic Vibrancy

Clark Green City will ensure the marketability of the entire development to stimulate sustainable economic growth, improve of quality of life, provide housing and create employment opportunities, develop skills and capabilities through quality education, and ensure reliable local food production.

Diversity and Density CircleDiversity and Density

Clark Green City is designed to promote variety and choice through compact development, mixed-use neighborhood centers, mixed-income diverse communities, and community schools.


leadership and Governance CircleLeadership and Governance 

Clark Green City will be a world-class model for management and governance best practices through stakeholder collaboration, and effective and efficient planning and management.

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