Submission Requirements

First Stage Submissions: For ALL Registered Participants

Each submission entry will be assigned an alpha-numeric code. Submission Requirements must have NO identifying names, marks or logos. Submissions with Identifying names, marks; or logos will be automatically DISQUALIFIED.

Incomplete submissions will be automatically DISQUALIFIED.

A. One (1) Project Report in A3 Format (Landscape Orientation)

Maximum of 50 pages and must include the following:

  1. An executive summary of the Project Proposal, beginning with a paragraph highlighting the type of development and key features of the project. As part of the executive summary, include a 1-2 page table that lists as bullet points the significant elements in which the Project Proposal meets each of the seven judging criteria.
  2. Narratives:
    • Physical setting of the development
    • Social setting of the development
    • Goals of the development & the residents to be served
    • Training or social services to be provided to the residents
    • Any contribution made to the community   other than the provision of affordable housing
    • environmental impact of the proposed development, including the materials used, energy used, and   pollutants produced
    • The team’s opinion regarding the optimal density for the site   and the financial, social, and design implications of the chosen   density. Please describe any constraints that would limit   developing to the optimal density and strategies for dealing   with existing constraints
    • Any innovative aspects of the development
  3. Projected Population and Utilities Usage (energy and water) of the development
  4. Development Timeline and Phasing Plan
  5. Project Cost with Area/Item Breakdown
  6. A funding plan and a 50-year pro-forma
  7. Calculation of Monthly Rentals for each Model Type
  8. Lease, operations and maintenance plan
  9. Materials and Site Specifications

B. Two (2) separate 30 x 40 inches Sintra Boards (Landscape Orientation): full bleed colours with NO borders

Must include the following:

  • Site Development Plan
  • Plans/Elevations/Sections of EACH proposed housing typology
  • Perspectives

C. Filled-up and Signed Forms and Declarations

D. One (1) USB containing the PDF formats of Requirements A to C and the Excel files of the Initial and Detailed Financial Analysis for the 25 Hectares and the Financial Analysis for the 5 Hectares.

Second Stage Submissions: For Short-listed Participants Only

Names, logos and other identifying marks are now ALLOWED.

A. An audio-visual presentation (AVP), maximum of 2 minutes that summarizes the features of the Project Proposal.

B. A slide presentation to go along with the 15-minute live presentation. The presentation must highlight how significant elements of the Project Proposal meet each of the 7 judging criteria.

C. A scale model of the site development (1:1000 m) and a scale model of at least one (1) housing typology (1:30m).

D. Revised Two (2) Separate 30 x 40 inches Sintra Boards (Landscape Orientation): full bleed colours with NO borders

E. Revised Project Report in A3 Format (Landscape Orientation), Maximum of 50 pages, seven (7) coloured copies

F. A Signed and Filled-up Forms and Declarations

G. One (1) USB containing all the file formats of Requirements A to F and the excel files of the Financial Analysis (25 and 5 hectares)

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